5 Ways to Gain More Energy Throughout the Day

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Experiencing fatigue and tiredness throughout the day is a common problem. Make a few minor changes to boost your energy and keep your day going in a positive direction!

Move around.
It may seem counter-intuitive to move around when you are feeling fatigue but getting your blood flowing will increase your energy. Physical activity, even if it’s just walking around for a minute will boost your energy and help you to be more productive.

Eat breakfast.
Studies have proven that people who eat breakfast have more energy throughout the day and experience an overall better mood. Fueling your body in the morning with breakfast sets a positive tone for the day. There is a reason why it’s referred to at the most important meal of the day.

Pump up the tunes.
Music can have a big impact on your mood and energy level. Choose some upbeat jams to boost your spirits and keep your energy high.

Have a power snack.
Food can act as fuel. Power snack between meals with protein and fiber packed foods to achieve a higher level of energy. Try foods like peanut butter, whole wheat crackers, or a handful of nuts for a productive snack that will help you to be more energetic.

Drink more water.
Dehydration can be manifested in many different ways, including fatigue. Even slight dehydration can leave you feeling lethargic. Keep water nearby and drink it regularly to keep that tired feeling at bay.


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What an Accident Does to Your Insurance Rates

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Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be messy. One of the many things that can be impacted—your auto insurance rates. The impact will differ based on your provider, driving history, and the particulars of the accident. Important details include who is at fault for the accident, the cost of repairs, and the severity of the incident. If you are at fault, your insurance rates are likely to be raised. The reasoning for this is, if you are at fault in an accident you are more likely to be in another auto accident and thus are more expensive for a company to insure. If you are not at fault, your rates are less likely to increase.

Avoid Raising Rates
The best way to avoid raising your rates is to be a safe driver. Statically speaking it is likely that you will eventually get into a car wreck. According to Forbes, the average driver in the US will file a claim for a collision about once every 17.9 years.  When you inevitably need to file a claim, having a good driving history will help your case. It is cheaper and most cost-effective for an insurance company to insure a safe driver. If you are a safe driver, an insurance company will be more likely to try to keep you as a customer. Drivers with a long history of safe driving are less likely to have their rates increase.
Steer clear of an accident altogether by being smart about your driving. A majority of auto wrecks in the US happen between midnight and 3 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday mornings. This is known as the deadliest time to drive. Be smart and avoid dangerous driving.

Always File
It may not seem necessary to file a claim if the damage is minimal or if the other driver is clearly at fault. You may be hesitant to file with your own insurance company for fear of raising rates. But it is always safer to file a claim. Though you cannot know for certain, in most cases your rates will raise if you’re at fault and remain the same if you’re not at fault. If any problems arise after an accident and you have not filed a claim with your insurance company, that could just lead to more problems. Get your insurance company involved before any problems arise.

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