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5 Ways To Make Running Your Business Safer

5 Ways to Make Running Your Business Safer

Every business owner knows that making running your business safer should be at the top of your priority list, and we are here to tell you how.

While some industries are inherently more dangerous than others, just about any workplace or site can be the scene of an accident. The National Safety Council reports that, in the United States, there is a workplace injury every seven seconds. This staggering statistic equates to 540 injuries per hour, nearly 13,000 work-related injuries every day, over 90,000 injuries weekly, and an astonishing 7 million work injuries yearly.

As a business, taking the necessary steps to improve employee and customer safety helps significantly reduce your liability. With this in mind, below, you will find five easy ways to make operating your business safer.

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5 Simple Ways to Make Running Your Business Safer

When you prioritize safety within your business, you are not just meeting legal obligations. You also show your clients, customers, and employees how much you value their welfare. This reinforces your commitment to these people and, in return, strengthens the shared trust and loyalty, thus positively impacting your workplace and business as a whole. Here’s how you can make running your business safer for your staff and clients:

1. Conduct Regular Safety Audits

As a business owner, making meaningful choices and changes to the safety of your employees and workplace is crucial, especially since you have a thorough idea of the associated risks. Conducting safety audits will ensure you are up to date on any potential risks, allowing you to implement effective strategies to reduce those risks.

You can conduct these safety audits yourself, or you can bring in a professional risk consultant, which allows you to access additional guidance and expertise, and hear an outside perspective on the matter.

2. Implement a Fire Safety Plan and Strategy 

Commercial fires are not uncommon between human error and equipment malfunctions. Thankfully, though, this means that there is plenty of room for prevention. One of the best ways to prevent this type of tragic event is to arrange for a fire inspection to be completed.

This ensures your workplace has enforced effective fire prevention strategies, such as smart sprinklers, emergency exit routes, well-maintained circuitry, and more. Upgrade your fire prevention tools and protocols as necessary.

3. Train Your Employees Often

Unfortunately, many workplace accidents occur because of team member errors, mistakes, or misusing equipment. Regularly providing practical training and helpful instruction ensures that your employees can navigate the workplace safely and perform their tasks and duties without putting themselves or others at risk of injury.

When your staff members recognize the potential risk factors in your workplace, they can implement appropriate risk management techniques, thus preventing accidents from occurring. Additional training on a frequent basis is well worth the enhanced safety — so do not overlook this return on investment!

Moreover, you should give your employees positive and negative feedback whenever possible. Praise them for doing things correctly, and provide them with an opportunity to grow, learn, and make it right by letting them know how they are doing in the workplace.

4. Provide Your Staff with Safety Equipment 

When you do not provide your employees with appropriate equipment or necessary safety protection gear, accidents are much more likely to occur. On top of creating an unsafe work environment (AKA, a significant safety hazard), you could be held criminally liable if you are not implementing relevant safety and health regulations!

Ensuring your team members have access to the necessary safety equipment, gear, and tools is essential, regardless of your industry. Additionally, meticulous record-keeping within your business is imperative. This could save you if you need to provide evidence of the steps and actions you have taken to keep your employees safe if you are ever sued.

5. Promote a Positive Work-Life Balance for Your Team Members

Injuries in the workplace do not always occur because of one-off accidents or mistakes. In many instances, stress, overwork, and occupational diseases can affect the well-being of your employees and potentially leave you facing severe claims for compensation.

Protect your business and, as a result, your employee’s well-being by promoting a healthy work environment and encouraging your team members to maintain an excellent work-life balance. As a business owner, this can be done in many different ways. Here are a few ideas on where you can start:

  • Offer flexible hours and remote work.
  • Encourage a focus on productivity rather than on hours (for salary employees).
  • Offer perks like subsidized gym memberships or in-office massages.
  • Review employees’ workloads often.
  • Encourage regular breaks and provide a fun and inviting place for staff to unwind.
  • Offer health cash plans.
  • Ask your team members for feedback.
  • Do what you can to be flexible and understanding.
  • Lead by example.
  • Increase your support for parents or those taking care of another person.
  • Offer more time off, such as giving your employees quarterly mental health days.

You will have happier, more productive, effective, and efficient employees, and your company will also become well-known for looking after its team members. This will attract top talent and help to hire and retain the best type of employees.

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