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How Long Does A DUI Affect My Insurance Rate?

How Long Does A DUI Affect My Insurance Rate?

Driving while under the influence can result in getting a DUI (Driving Under Influence) or a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated); the result is a spike in your auto insurance rate – a costly effect that can stay on your plan for years in some cases.

Read on to see just how long a DUI can affect your insurance rate.

Consequences of a DUI

Apart from having a DUI on your driving record and the long-term effects of it, there are several other effects you may not be aware of but should know. These long-term consequences can cause a ripple effect for years – especially IF you cause an accident that could injure or kill a driver or passenger, even in your own car.

Driver’s License Revocation – Getting a DUI can lead to you losing your license – up to two years for your first conviction and more for repeated offenses. You may even lose it for good. Having a license is not just for driving but is useful for other identification: work positions, such as that of an Uber or DoorDash driver require a license; school enrollment, car maintenance, rental, or purchases also require one.

Professional Relationships – Even if you’re not convicted, a DUI can adversely affect your relationships with your co-workers and even your employer. You may even lose your job.

Background Checks – Typically a potential employer will conduct a criminal background check before they hire an employee. If they see a felony or misdemeanor DUI conviction on your record, it decreases your chances of getting a job. Universities also conduct background checks so a DUI could affect your chances of being accepted.

Auto Insurance Rates – Getting a ticket, being involved in an accident, and getting a DUI all affect your auto insurance rates – possibly for years. These situations result in being labeled a “high risk” driver, resulting in increased insurance rates, causing them to double and triple. Your insurance company may also elect to cancel your coverage.

DUI & Auto Insurance Rates

As stated above, a DUI can increase your insurance rates for years but what stipulations could affect that outcome? Usually, a DUI misdemeanor increases your rate for three years, and depending on your insurance carrier, you can expect a 25% to a whopping 85% increase in cost. But, age can make a difference. For example, an 18-year-old given a DUI could expect a 5%-10% more increase in their insurance rate, as opposed to a 30-year old. The same goes for someone who’s never had a prior criminal record or tickets, versus a driver who’s had more than one violation.

Of course, repeated convictions can take longer, cost more, and even result in you losing your license. It can also make it so no company will insure you because you are now considered high risk. 

Other Factors to Consider

Some other factors that can determine how long a DUI affects your auto insurance include the number of DUI’s, your age and past driving record, along with time passed when the DUI was issued; these factors can make a difference in how long your insurance rates spike.  

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