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How to File a Health Insurance Claim

How to File a Health Insurance Claim

Filing a health insurance claim can feel intimidating, stressful, and overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be!

When you file health insurance claims to your insurance company, you request reimbursement or direct payment for medical services that you paid for out of your pocket. The way you can obtain these benefits and payments is by submitting a claim to your insurance provider using a specific form or request. There are two ways you can submit your claim.

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Options for Filing a Health Insurance Claim

There are two ways to file health insurance claims. The first and most convenient way is to have the medical services provider submit the claim electronically through the network directly to your insurance company.

The second way to submit is to complete the claim form and send the paperwork to your insurance company yourself. This situation can happen if the provider you saw for your health services is not in your health plan’s network or if they cannot file it for you for some reason. You will then need to file the claim to request reimbursement for the medical services you obtained.

Online Health Insurance Claims and When to Request a Reimbursement

In years past, you used to submit any health insurance claims via the mail. Thanks to advances in technology, many companies and insurance plans now offer several different options. After you go to the doctor or other medical service provider and are told you need to submit an insurance claim form, it means that the facility or doctor you visited will not ask your insurance to pay for your bill. You are required to pay and seek reimbursement from them on your own.

Information on Health Insurance Claim Forms

Filling out claims forms should be pretty self-explanatory. Here are some examples of what may be on the forms:

  • Your policy, group, and member ID number. The policy holder’s social security number may be sufficient.
  • Which person on your policy received the services.
  • Coinsurance or dual coverage information
  • What the purpose of the visit was.

4 Steps to File Your Health Insurance Claim Online or By Mail

OBTAIN AN ITEMIZED BILL — At the end of your doctor visit, ask them for an itemized receipt that lists every service provided to you and how much each service cost. Make sure any drugs or medications are included in that list. 

GET THE CLAIM FORM — Reach out to your insurance provider to obtain a claim form, or you can likely download one off of their website. The form will also provide any additional instructions about any other information needed; it’s best to read it in its entirety before beginning.

MAKE COPIES — Once you’ve completed your claim form and have collected all itemized bills from your provider, make a couple of copies of everything. This will make it easier for you if you have to refile for some reason and can help eliminate any errors that could be made in the claim process.

REVIEW AND SEND — To ensure everything is correctly filled out and accurate, review your documents and what you’ve filled out. It’s best to catch any errors now, so you do not slow down the reimbursement process. Once you’ve verified everything looks good, you can send it! You should be able to find the mailing address on the form itself, or if you are submitting online, you can upload your documents and submit them electronically.

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