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Why Insurance is Essential and the Winter Season

Why Insurance is Essential and the Winter Season

Insurance is essential to protect you and your family, personal belongings, home, and vehicles — you won’t want to be caught without it.

As the weather shifts, the seasons change, and the temperatures drop, being insured is more important than ever. The winter chill can bring unexpected storms, disasters, accidents, and ailments, so being prepared is crucial. People are often caught off guard, and unprepared after damage, sickness, or accidents occur without the proper and necessary coverage. 

Below you’ll find a few insurance tips to ensure you’re ready for the season ahead.

Why Insurance is Essential for the Winter Months

Insurance is a necessity year-round, and the wintertime is no exception. Here’s why:

Health Insurance — Experts say you are more likely to get sick during these colder months because the freezing temperatures drive people to spend more time in enclosed spaces, increasing the risk of spreading disease. Viruses can live longer in colder temperatures and lower humidity, so the chances of catching a bug are a lot higher, and trips to the doctor or pharmacy are more likely. Moreover, if you participate in any winter activities or extreme sports, such as sledding, ice skating, or skiing, you can become seriously injured. Between getting sick and participating in extreme seasonal activities, it is especially important to be protected with health insurance during the winter.

Car Insurance — All drivers are legally required to have a car insurance policy. In addition to it being illegal to drive without it, it’s just plain smart. There are many new risks that come with winter driving, risks that are out of your control. Between factors that come with winter weather like black ice, heavy snowfall, thick fog, and other unpredictable drivers, the chances of getting in a car accident are far greater than at any other time of year. Make sure you are prepared for the unexpected by finding a policy that meets your needs within your budget.

Home Insurance — Mother Nature loves to show off during the winter season. These frigid months can wreak havoc on your home between snow, ice, and other wintery weather. Below freezing temperatures can lead to a number of issues around your property that can result in filing a claim with your insurance company, such as frozen pipes that burst or a visitor slips on your icy walkways. Having the necessary protections in place can be a relief if the unexpected were to happen.

Insurance is Essential, and Bear River Mutual Insurance Can Help!

Insurance is essential, so don’t find yourself without it! If you are looking into purchasing health, home, or auto insurance, contact Bear River Mutual Insurance! Protecting your home, belongings, car, and health is essential, and insurance will give you and your family the financial security net and peace of mind you deserve. Our team of professionals will help you find the best policy within your budget that meets your specific needs. If you live in the Orem, Provo, Salt Lake City area, or in a surrounding Utah city, contact us to get your free quote today.

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